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I made this page to tell you more about my skills, interests and background. You can also find my contact details at the bottom of the page.

Skills & Interests

Three years of experience with Microsoft Data Platform (SQL Server, Management Studio, Analysis Services, Reporting Services, Power BI)

Affinity for Design: Data Visualization & User Experience / User Interface

Looking to work in teams: Eager to learn from Data Architects, Data Engineers & End Users

My experience with Data Engineering, Data Analysis and Data Visualization has been centered on Microsoft tools. I have a strong knowledge of Power BI and DAX as well as tabular models in SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS). I created and maintained paginated reports (SSRS) involving complex T-SQL queries and I also have a good understanding of ETL logic overall (i.e. Data Warehousing, Integration Services). Although I do not have working experience with any specific tool yet, I am very interested in projects that are built around Cloud Data Platforms. I am always eager to initiate direct communication with end users and work as a teamplayer by learning from my colleagues and bringing my own expertise to the table.

Education & Background

Economics & Management

Belgium, Ireland, Singapore, Malaysia

I have studied Economics & Management at UCL. My first work experience was a 2-month internship at a pharmaceutical firm in Singapore where I learned to build a small Access database. I then joined the “International Business” programme during my Master, which allowed me to spend a year abroad:

  • An exchange semester at Quinn School of Business, Ireland with courses on Web Development, Online Businesses and Digital Marketing.
  • A 6-month internship in Digital Marketing & Sales at Soul & Tables in Kuala Lumpur. I provided both business support & technical testing to the development of the new website and initiated SEO/SEA initiatives. I also welcomed clients to the furniture showroom and took on some support functions such as inventory management.

I joined Business & Decision as an Account Manager within the Sales department back in 2018. I pivoted towards a consultant role in Data Analysis & Visualization that same year. I am now active on a mission at the Financial Services & Markets Authority (FSMA) in Brussels.

Mobility & Details

I am currently looking for opportunities in Southern England and hold a British passport. I am willing and able to work remotely but I would prefer working on site rather than at home. If you are interested, I can provide some reports from my design portfolio – which is available upon request. You will find my contact details below: