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Jumping-off point: “The point from which a new undertaking or activity is begun“. I’m considering this blog post as such. 

If you are reading this, chances are you’ve clicked on a link I’ve shared. And you’re interested in data-related topics. I would like to warmly welcome you to my blog. It’s a place where I will share my tips/opinions/experience as a “Newbie” in the Data world (I’ve only started working as a Data Analyst in early-2019 and my background in IT is, well, as light as Ryanair’s carry-on bag weight allowance – for lack of a better analogy).

Why a blog?

  • For you:
    • You can learn some tips based on real-life examples;
    • You can also reach out for ideas & questions.
  • For me:
    • I will keep track of the knowledge I acquire over time;
    • I can find motivation in keeping up with the new and fresh stuff happening in Data & Analytics. 

Why “NooBI”?

Finding a blog name was a hassle. After hours of deep reflection with my colleagues, we came up with “NooBI”. It is is a contraction of “Noob” and “BI”: 

  • “Noob” because I’m very Junior in the Data world. And I like the idea of keeping a beginner’s mindset: being curious, questioning how & why things function in a certain way, remaining eager to learn in doing so.
  • “BI” because I will mainly write about Business Intelligence (duh).

So what can I expect from this blog?

Tips & tricks for certain tools (e.g. Power BI), but also personal opinions on data and business-related topics, maybe even news about events happening in the Data community?

OK – that’s enough questions for now I think… time to work on the next post. And I hope to see you there!